Welcome to The Village Tots. In this area we provide a peaceful and nurturing environment for infants.

Our approach to infant care focuses on developing responsive relationships with parents, whanau and the children themselves. The care of each child is individualised and aims to provide continuity and consistency with the care they receive at home. We encourage our teachers to form warm and authentic relationships with children individually so they can effectively recognise and respond to their cues. Special attention is given to care times which are looked on as co-operative experiences, bathed in language where even the smallest infant is invited to participate.

We are guided in our teaching and care practices by the Pikler philosophy, which advocates natural development allowing each child to unfold at their own pace as nature intended without being rushed. We believe that each child grows following an innate programme and that children should reach their milestones in an unhurried way with a sense of achievement and joy. We aim to support children to become confident, capable learners allowing them to be challenged, to take risks and solve their own problems.


We believe that children should enjoy beautiful spaces that encourage them to interact with the natural world. Our Tots playground is an area that invites exploration and play. Designed to stimulate the senses and nurture curiosity, the play space offers children a wide range of natural challenges with various surfaces and textures to explore.

Our Tots teachers are passionate about the care and education of young children. We view this as a special time and a unique opportunity to make a valuable contribution to their journey in life.

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