Renee and Maia

Māia’s first experience of childcare has been one that has been so pleasant. The Village put a huge effort into building a relationship with us, even well before she started and they continue to do that. The Village feels like whānau/family, they love and care for my girl like whānau and we are so blessed to be a part of this place. – Renee and Maia (7 mths).

Simeon, Maggie, Alison, Annalise and Liam

The Village has been part of our family now for 6 1/2 years, and we think the team there are fantastic. They treat all the kids as individuals and encourage each of them to explore, play and learn at their own pace.  The team is really approachable and when we have made requests to alter routines, they have been really accommodating. 

We look forward to a few more years with The Village being part of our family with one child still in Tots and another in Pre-School.

A big thumbs up from our family.

Braden, Toni and Mac

We can’t believe it is now time to say good bye to The Village after four and a half years. We have always felt so confident that Mac is safe, happy and loved while he is at The Village everyday, and it is so comforting to know this when you spend so much of the day away from your child.

Mac leaves The Village ready and confident for his school years ahead – Thank you.

We know that your leadership and support of the teachers has allowed them to focus on what is truly important. We are so sad to be saying good bye, but we will spend lots of time with Mac talking about all the lovely memories from The Village

Jake’s Family

Thank you so much for helping Jake settle so well into daycare. Your warm, loving approach has made him feel right at home. You are all very special to Jake, and it’s so lovely to see.

We also very much appreciate the support you have given our family since having our newest member Cooper join us. It really has helped so much.


Chocolates in no way seem to suffice how truly thankful I am for this beautiful centre. Transitioning into full time work was made so easy knowing I was leaving Marley in such precious hands.

This is truly an amazing centre with such awesome teachers. Thanks for all of the support, we will truly miss you all.

From the Laurenson Family

If you’re after a day care center that is family based, you can’t go past the team at The Village. We sadly relocated cities and wished we could take The Village with us. My son’s time at the center was amazing, he was supported by his teachers from 5 months to 2 years to be the confident, out going little boy that he is today.

Friendly, caring and 200% supportive, The Village really is just that – a center that becomes family, supporting you to raise your children. Highly recommended.

From Jemma

All 3 of my boys have been through The Village (one currently still there). I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It’s so very hard to leave your children in the hands of others every day, but the special staff at The Village make it so much easier, due to the fact I have complete faith and trust in them.

Very special place, very special people. Thank you xx

From Haley

The Village is next level when it comes to daycare. My youngest, now 18 months, has been coming since he was 4 months and it has been an amazing experience from our first visit. Massive thumbs up, you will not find better childcare anywhere!

From Amanda

On a personal level, all the staff at the village are as caring and friendly as if they were family, and the warmth they put in to making you feel welcome every time you go in the doors is very uplifting, on a daily basis.

On a professional level, my 2 younger children have been looked after at the village for nearly 4 years now, and there’s no other place I would feel comfortable leaving them during the day.

They’re patient, caring, happy and versatile with my children and contribute hugely to a healthy routine and friendship I feel is important for them to develop.
I know my babies are happy there so I’m happy.

The staff at the village are AMAZING.

"A special thanks to the A team"

My family and I moved down to Tauranga April last year from Auckland. It was scary but exciting to start our new life in the Bay. When we arrived my eldest was already enrolled in a school, so I was on a mission to find my youngest child Indy an awesome place to go to just a couple of days a week.

Being in the education sector myself, I was looking for that special place that is big on art, active and has exciting play areas. And just an all-round great tight team with a good feel about the place.

I went in and saw the girls at The Village and was blown away with the team and the centre. The staff was inviting and there were many activities for the children to do. The team showed good team work and there was a good feeling about the centre and most importantly the children were having a ball.

Now 18 months down the track Indy goes full time and loves every day at The Village so much Saturday mornings she’s up early wanting to go! She loves being with the teachers and children and fits in like she’s been there for years.

I would personally like to thank the team at The Village for making us feel welcomed and part of the family, and a special thanks to Sarah for being awesome and loving to Indy, she surely thinks the world of you! We look forward to many years ahead.

From Hannah

To all the wonderful teachers, I just wanted to say thank you and how much I appreciate you all. I remember when I worked in ECE, people had this idea that were just there to “babysit”. I know that you do so much more than this!

You love and you nurture, and you teach and you help them to grow. It is truly wonderful to walk away knowing your precious child is going to be well loved and looked after!

So thank you, I so appreciate all you do.

From Toni and Braden

Just wanted to say a big thank you for taking such great care of Mac, for all he has learnt from you, and most of all, all of the love you have given to him.

It is such a bittersweet time with Mac moving on to Explorers, but we know he is transitioning happily and with such confidence, which we know you have played a big part in – creating an environment where Mac feels so safe to thrive.

A special thanks to Sarah. We know you and Mac have a special bond, and we are so grateful for how you have become such a big part of Mac’s world.

We have always known that Mac is safe, happy and learning so much from you all in Tots and appreciate your support for us too, as first time parents.

From Nikki

I want to say how grateful I am to you all – it’s such a blessing to have you in our lives – to trust you to encourage, love, guide, soothe and teach my son; to laugh with him; to feel for him when he gets upset or feels pain.

No words will describe the true feelings I have, but know you are all appreciated and the new things he comes home knowing do not go un-noticed. You are amazing! You have helped him become the gorgeous little human he is.

From Jo W

The Village day care centre has great supportive teachers who are very loving, caring and knowledgeable in what they do. They bring the best out in your child. When Grace started about a year ago, she lacked confidence, and was very tearful when I left her, but watching the teachers around her, they tap in to what her needs and interests were creating positive diversions and opportunities for her to grow and thrive. For example, Grace loves the colour purple, so they would get her to help them set up the art table, letting her choose the purple paint and glitter, because she loves being creative. Or “let’s have a look at ballerinas on the internet” because that’s what Grace was dressed up as that day, and she loves dancing.

Grace has great fun playing in the outdoor area, climbing and having fun with whatever the water play is that day. She loves imaginative play, role playing with her friends, and having fun theme days. She is part of the ‘busy kids’ programme, where she has learnt to socialise and work on projects alongside her friends.

I feel very lucky to have Grace enrolled at the village, the teachers are so supportive and nurturing towards my child. The difference for me, is the vibe, there is a community feel at the Village. The owners and teachers really care about you as a family, and about the needs of their community. Grace has so much more confident and is learning and developing so many skills, it’s fantastic to see.

I would recommend anyone thinking about placing their child into a day care facility to come to the Village, it’s an awesome place for your children to laugh, learn and grow.

Thank you so much for going the extra mile every day, as a Mum I really appreciate it.

From Heather

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know Poppy and helping her to explore her interests and spend time doing things she really enjoys. Even though she only spends one day a week at Explorers it is an important part of her life and she often talks about being there, her teachers and the things she does. It makes a huge difference to me to see how much she has settled and to be able to leave her without her getting upset, knowing that she is going to have lots of fun.

I really appreciate what you and her other teachers do and the flexibility that The Village offers us. I even forgive you for the fact that thanks to that crocodile my house is covered in glitter!!

Daisy K

The amazing changes we as an entire family have seen in Tameta since he as been at The Village is beyond words. No amount of thanks to all these ladies will suffice. My son is a lot happier making for a happier household. The social interaction he gets, the love and care that is shown towards him from the ladies and the other children is more than I could have asked for.  I could go on for hours on how much I appreciate the feedback, attention, care, love and education you all give my son. The Village is the perfect place for my son.

The Donovan Family

Claire, I wanted to take the time to express just how grateful our family are to you. From the moment I first made contact with you at The Village our family have been made to feel incredibly important and valued. Your approach is very personable and down to earth, and for a mother looking to find the ‘right’ preschool for her precious babe, your manner (your way of communicating and being with people) made me feel very heard and supported – and most of all it helped me to see just how competent and passionate you are about the young ones in your care and how invested you are in educating them well. I want to say a huge thank you for your patience with our family as we slowly transitioned from Auckland to Tauranga in a time frame that was beyond our control; you held our boys place for him and didn’t for one moment make us feel embarrassed for the huge inconvenience this was to the centre. My son, on his very first day, looked as though he was already a part of The Village furniture! Your team of wonderful teachers have loved upon him from the moment he walked through your gate and he has only remained secure and at home there since. Thank you all for going above and beyond in your work and for being so incredibly supportive of the children and their families. Much love, the Donovan family.

From Sophie M

Thank you to the team at The Village for creating such a special environment for me to bring my children to. Your “get busy” activities and homely atmosphere make it such a great experience for little people to be learning in and as a result my children are always happy when I drop & pick them up. It’s such a pleasure bringing them here.

Thanks from a very appreciative parent.

From Pam and David R

David and I would like to take the time to let you and your amazing team know how much we value the care that Ben is getting since his start with you a few months ago.

The stimulation that he is getting is excellent – Thank you for picking up he needed extra and he is loving his transition into busy kids.

We like that the teachers know our names when we drop Ben off

We like that the teachers can see when Ben needs help to say goodbye some mornings if he is feeling a little insecure (although this has not been a problem of late!)

We like the huge amount of messy play that you do and that he comes home dirty, happy and tired – that is what we want for our busy boy!

We love how flexible you are when we need extra hours outside of our designated hours – I couldn’t do my “on call” job well without your flexibility.

We love the online feedback as do the grandparents.

Please feel free to use any quotes from this letter on your website and please share with all of the wonderful teachers who enhance Ben’s life and our family.

Warmest regards

Pam and David

From Lindie

The Village has made such a tremendous contribution to our lives.  The friendly caring staff cares and teaches the girls so passionately.  Both girls loves the messy play and enjoy the ever changing scenery, giving them more chances to explore and to get used to change.  The wide variety of activities broadens their horizons and gives them opportunities we can’t always provide for them at home.

The Village has been very flexible with hours to assist me with my needs as well as the children’s ever changing needs, creating a peace of mind knowing there is care available outside of normal booked hours. 

The staff’s friendly caring greetings in the mornings make a world of difference.  I am glad that when I bring the girls in the mornings, they are and will be well looked after and their individual needs are assessed and met on a daily basis.  Today is just as important as the future, and every moment counts at this preschool.  The Village has been an awesome childcare facility but also a strong support team for me.

I can’t thank The Village enough for the awesome support we have received from them over the past few years. They are a valuable input in my children’s lives and have been a significant help to me as a parent during tough times.  It has truly made a tangible difference and we are looking forward to continuing on this special journey with the Village.

Thank you so so much to all the staff for providing such an awesome service.

Kind regards, 

From Emma

Sam and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team for the exceptional care of Lily during her time at the Village. The Tots unit has been outstanding and went above and beyond my expectations of care and education for Lily.

Right from when she started as a 3 month old until now as a 17 month old, Lily has been well cared for and I would have no qualms about recommending the Village as an excellent childcare facility. Her portfolio and online Educa profile are of a high standard and something we will treasure forever. Lily has learned and developed so much during her time with the Tots team into a beautiful, well rounded little girl. I am certain Lily will miss you all so much (to this day, she gets so excited when we pull into the car park!).

The support, guidance and friendship I received from the Tots teachers has been immeasurable and I will always be grateful for that.

Thank you again


From Maylene J

When Micah started at The Village in February, I was a little apprehensive because it was all new for both Micah and myself, but I cannot tell you enough how amazed I was at how quickly Micah settled in. He felt at home and comfortable which is a credit to your teaching staff!!! I also really appreciate the daily reports I would get from the teachers when I would pick Micah up at the end of the day. Knowing how he went and what he got up to really reassured me that he was in the right preschool and also appeased any anxiety I had about the new change in our family. As I am studying full time it has helped immensely to know that Micah is happy and settled.

My husband and I absolutely love the family environment at The Village, and are really impressed by the dedication of your staff.

From Michelle R

It is such a pleasure to be a part of a daycare that is so caring and welcoming. The Village has been incredible for our son, and we have noticed huge developments in his personality, vocabulary and ability. It’s so nice to be greeted with huge smiles every morning from all the staff and to know that our little man is excited to be there. Just knowing how warm and caring the environment is at The Village gives us peace of mind, which means a lot as a parent 😉

Thanks guys.

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