Community Garden

The Village Childcare is delighted to be involved with the new Community Garden in Bethlehem. From the initial community build through to seasonal planting and harvesting there will be so many ways that children can learn and contribute to this community initiative.

Children are born naturalists. Through the garden we hope that our children will learn how food is grown and where it comes from. We also want to encourage care and respect for their environment and lots of scientific learning about the life-cycles of plants and insects.

Like all of us, children explore the world with all of their senses and the garden will provide the opportunity for lots of sensory exploration and experimentation. They will also learn about the harvesting, preparation and sharing of food, nutrition and working co-operatively in groups.

We look forward to seeing a growing sense of pride and achievement in our children as they watch the garden develop and grow, participate as members of a wider community, and work as part of a team with our friends over the fence.

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